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For 40 years, GPPL has been offering specialised expertise to its customers.

Being a subscription agency is not merely co-ordinating between the subscribers and the publishers. It means understanding the specific information needs of organisations, maintaining and updating a continuous information flow, reaching out to new information sources, keeping immaculate records and accounts particularly on missed issues, helping clients plan their information expenditure. And staying in touch all year through.

In many areas it is a specialised job.  Qualified people are employed for data collation, interacting with librarians and clients, and public relations.
GPPL has eight offices to service clients, with the Head Office at New Delhi.

All offices are fully computerised and hotlinked to the Head Office. The status of each subscriber is available online: orders, billing, payments to publishers, dispatches of journals, queries and replies etc.

All publications are received by air freight at the Head Office and distributed by courier service or registered post to the regional centres.

Missing issues are reported immediately to New Delhi for further action and accounts updation.

GPPL's special banking arrangements facilitate speedy remittance from subscriber to publisher, resulting in faster processing.

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