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About E-Vantage:-

E-Vantage is the path created by Globe Publication Pvt. Ltd. for your online subscription literature. It provides seamless access to journals available online through table of contents, abstractdatabases and search links to the full text of journals. Its search engine is continually being upgraded in order to handle the increasing use of the services and manages the differing requirements of the advanced or novice user.

The unique multilevel linking technology allows the direct access to all levels of journals article level, abstract level and table of contents level.

Features of e-Vantage :

  1. One stop shop to subscribe technical journals.
  2. Over 20,000 journals catagorised subjectwise.
  3. Links to the journals website which helps in faster access of journals.
  4. Availability status of journals in terms of
    • Full Text Online Free For Print Subscribers
    • Full Text Online At Extra Cost To Print Subscribers
    1. Table of Contents service available subjectwise.
    2. Abstracting service available subjectwise.
    3. Online catalogue available subjectwise.

E-Vantage Services:-

The features we are planning to provide are :

1. Access to an up-to date directory of over 20000 journals.

All the users of our site will be able to browse to the directory of over 20000 titles properly categorised subjectwise with details of TOC, abstracts and full text of the titles.

2. Individual site page for the End-users of Globe

End users or the clients of Globe will be provided seperate listing of their titles being subscribed by globe with the information and the links to the TOC, abstracts and the full text of the titles.

3. Table Of Contents (TOC)

This is the directory created by Globe for all the users of our site which provides the links to the TOC of the latest issues which are again categorised subjectwise for the benefits of the users.

4. Full Text Service

The titles available full text will be provided from the vast directory of Globe. All the titles are categorised accourding to their available in terms of their cost.

Other than the above mentioned features of our newly launched service we are also providing follwing features on our site:- 

- Subscription rates of over 20000 titles
- Online links to the journals site
- Online links to over 250 publishers site
- Journal supply Status
- Duplicate Issue Bank
- Issue Finder

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